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Kids Food Festival

Kids Food Festival FINALThis series of events offers a fun, interactive way to educate families about making balanced food choices. The festival uses exciting and engaging programming in order to help establish wholesome lifelong habits, while working to avert childhood obesity.

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Themed Classes
Sometimes cooking with a theme is just plain fun! The Creative Kitchen® offers an array of themed hands-­on cooking classes, parties, and playdates including:

Colorful Cooking: Kids make and eat recipes that include ingredients having an array of colors that they cut into different shapes.

Eat Your Art: Kids create recipes using ingredients of different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. They also create food crafts both edible and non-­edible, such as Edible Flower Pots and Cereal Box Bags.

Storybook Cooking: Kids make recipes and crafts inspired by timeless and familiar children stories, such as Stone Soup.

Everybody Eats Lunch: Kids make friends from around the world and discover their lunchtime cultures and recipes. They prepare delicious and nutritionally balanced dishes that can be included in their lunchboxes!

Everybody Can Cook: Children prepare fun, new dishes designed by The Creative Kitchen® in an effort to gain exposure to and increased acceptance of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other healthful foods. The curriculum is tailored to various abilities and reinforces core developmental skills and nutrition geared towards the special needs population.

Dinner Dates & Family Brunch Classes: Families work together to create complete meals that you will want to recreate again and again.

Feeding Baby: New parents learn how to make homemade baby food and take home a freezable stockpile.

Family Holiday Classes: Families work together to prepare holiday-themed dishes.

Customized Classroom Curriculum: The Creative Kitchen® offers exclusive curriculum enrichment programs that enhance existing lesson plans in schools, programs, and day cares to fit classroom needs.

  • Developed for children ages two through teen.
  • More than 14 years of experience in curriculum development and teaching.
  • Incorporates latest trends and advances to provide the most up-to-date programs.
  • Recipes developed and tested specifically for use in classroom environments.
  • Children develop a sense of confidence and accomplishment as they taste their way through the lesson, while learning about new foods, shapes, numbers, colors, geography, and social skills.
  • Parents are excited when they see how many new fruits and vegetables their kids will adopt into their routine!


Kids Cooking and Food Related Stations

(Cooking Stations are a great addition to any kids birthday party, family event, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or otherwise)

  • Cupcake Decorating Station: Children decorate cookies and cupcakes (number of cupcakes TBD by host); individual boxes may be provided for guest to take what they’ve made home (boxes may also be decorated thematically)
  • Cookie Decorating Station: Children decorate cookies and cupcakes (number of cookies TBD by host); individual boxes may be provided for guest to take what they’ve made home (boxes may also be decorated thematically) 
  • Paint-Your-Own Tea Set Station
  • Chef Hat and Apron Decorating Station 
  • Candy Sushi-Making Station
  • Fruit and Vegetable Sushi-Making Station  
  • Make-Your-Own Cocktail Station 
  • Make-Your-Own Pizza Station: Children create their own pizza, which they take home to bake-off…and more! We love to get creative! Let us know your event’s theme and we’re happy to customize activations!


Corporate, Retail, and Media Events

  • Holiday-themed kids cooking and kitchen craft stations
  • Premier family-oriented client productions for corporations 
  • Healthful cooking demonstrations 
  • Interactive presentations on cooking
  • Food-based team building exercises 
  • Recruitment events for companies 
  • Take Your Child to Work Day
  • Family Day  
  • Themed food and/or cooking activities at family-friendly movie promotions
  • Themed food and/or cooking activities for editor’s events
  • Seasonal food crafts, including Pumpkin Decorating, Ornament Making, and more!



  • Activate family-friendly zone (from soup to nuts)
  • Custom cooking activities, on behalf of overall festivals or brands within